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The creator will have absolute control over all processes of creation. Including of himself.  All topics must be important, but the importance is relative. What matters is the process, all human actions, passions, delight, pain, even stupidity. The world is invented at every moment. Every device is a process of resistance and adaptation to social, institutional, grammatical orders. Semantic moments. The devices and media are just instruments, tools. It is a paradox to use words to express the inexpressible. When creating we must use every possible resource. What matters is not the way things are explained, but the explanatory act of the discourse itself. Critics, scholars, curators, everyone will have their moment. The interpretation of what is done is subjective and contextual. The reflections of oneself are just a recovery processes of the past into the present and into oblivion. 

An example of actions and thoughts that legitimize the act of being is: being inside and being outside events. The event is an invention of the moment.


To be chosen or rejected, loved, integrated, separated, divided. Fragmentation is a form of realignment. Upon hearing, seeing, feeling, reading, understanding, we live in the others to reveal ourselves. There is nothing more than the others in spite of ourselves and the others. The experience is unique and hardly transmissible. We can only try.


London UK, 2001

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